Cycling Promotion:

Knowing "where to ride" encourages more cycling

The “Framework for Cycling Communications” report produced by the Australian Bicycle Council (2017) includes research confirming that knowing ‘where’ to ride encourages more cycling.

Study included in the report by the City of Sydney itemised a list of triggers that were given by survey participants as the reasons they started cycling or cycling more regularly.

One of the most common triggers for both genders was finding good places to ride ie. by providing information such as maps and other tools. Maps can inform residents and visitors of cycle paths both off and on road, what they can see and do along the way and show the locations of amenities such as public toilets, water fountains and secure bicycle parking. Armed with the right information helps build more confidence to cycle.

Visualvoice is developing custom digital maps which provide the relevant information to support and encourage people to be active and cycle, by being better informed about what’s available in their backyard.Visualvoice has produced a lot of high quality custom walking and cycling maps for wayfinding signage and printed media. Now we’re delivering them digitally too.

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