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Signage and wayfinding design in Melbourne has become increasingly important as more people travel to unfamiliar destinations and cities become more complex and diverse. The major purpose of signage and wayfinding design is for the promotion of Melbourne’s many suburbs and destinations and the need to clearly communicate alternative modes of transport other than driving. Good, clear signage and wayfinding design addresses the multifaceted issues of discovering, identifying and locating destinations by analysing the conditions and offering solutions.

Signage Design Melbourne

Destinations included in the signage and wayfinding should portray the strong identity and sense of a place and help people discover more about it. Destinations may include shopping strips, services such as libraries and schools, sporting facilities, cultural activities and parks and gardens. The signage and wayfinding design should also feature suggested walking routes, shared paths and public transport options, promoted as significant transport modes.

Signage and wayfinding design seeks to promote a city and its environs by providing and highlighting the connections between destinations and the local transport options.

Wayfinding Strategists and Designers

An initial wayfinding strategy helps identify the fine grain detail of the urban environment, in turn informing the signage and wayfinding design. Barriers such as lack of footpaths and busy roads need to be considered in order to enhance both the destination experience and the transport opportunities. A wayfinding strategy may recommend signage and/or print navigation solutions. Increasingly digital is part of the picture.

Best practice pedestrian signage and wayfinding design has been defined globally by the Legible London project undertaken by Transport for London, the principles of which transfer well to most cities – including signage and wayfinding design in Melbourne.

Benefits of Signage Designs

The benefits of well planned signage and wayfinding design are numerous including increased walking and cycling, reduced private car use, better community knowledge and awareness of local destinations and how to access them, etc.

Well designed signage and wayfinding design can help unlock the true potential of the city, its destinations and environs and give both residents and visitors a free 24/7 guide to a specific location.

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